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Soul Plan

Self Discovery. The first week of your Realign with your Life Purpose course will be a Soul Plan reading. This enables us both to gain a deep insight into the real you! Read on to find out more about this amazing system!

What is Soul Plan?

Have you ever wondered what your life purpose is? Do you feel that you are not accessing your true potential? Are you unsure which way to turn next?

Often, the complexities and challenges of a physical life cause us to ‘forget’ our soul's plan or to feel unable to allow ourselves to pursue our true destiny.

Soul Plan is a powerful and healing tool which offers spiritual guidance and reconnects you with your true life purpose.

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Advanced readings

When we change our name, for example after marriage or if we use a nickname, we bring new energies into play. These names are known as 'Overlay' names.

Relationship readings are also available, which offer a client increased awareness of theirs and their partner's energies. This may reinforce why they have been drawn to each other (& adds a unique element to a wedding ceremony!). It may also help those clients experiencing difficulties in a relationship, as it enables an understanding of the different energies in each others' Soul Plan, which then allows for improved compassion and and support in the relationship.

Business Name optimisation readings are also offered. 

Overlay, Relationship & Business readings can be booked as an additional session following a Soul Plan Reading, or can be incorporated into the 4 week course for those clients who have previously had a Soul Plan reading or Soul Transformation Therapy.

The Soul Plan Reading

Soul Plan is a practical and easy to understand system that allows you to connect more deeply with your true self and gain clarity and direction.

Using gematria, numerical values are assigned to the letters of your birth name and a chart is produced, showing your unique energies for Worldly and Spiritual aspects and your Soul Destiny. 


During your Soul Plan reading you will investigate your Worldly and Spiritual Challenges and the Talents you possess to overcome them and reach your Goals.

You will rediscover your Soul Destiny, enabling you to re-align with your true self and life purpose.

Unresolved challenge aspects can be worked on in future sessions using Soul Transformation Therapy or other healing interventions.

Soul Plan can be delivered face-to-face or online.

Soul Plan can be accessed as a one-off therapy for those not  taking the 4 week course at a price of £75 or with Soul Transformation Therapy at £120.

Payment plans or exchange of services are available.

Soul Plan reading
Soul Plan book
Soul Plan & Celebrancy

When I prepare a Funeral, Memorial or Naming Ceremony, I use Soul Plan to give me a deeper insight into the client, enabling me to make the ceremony more authentic and personal*.

Couples can also opt to include a Soul Plan Relationship reading in their Wedding or Civil Partnership ceremony. This is a completely unique element not offered by any other celebrant!

*families I have worked with can choose to have a reading of their loved one's Soul Plan at a discounted price.

Soul Plan Mandala

These beautiful mandalas are created by Bogusia Bielanska of Soulful Kreations.

A wedding mandala can be purchased to complement a Relationship reading. Message me for prices.

Individual mandalas can also be purchased from Soulful Kreations.

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