Vision Board Workshops

We all have dreams & aspirations but often fall short of realising them.
Visualisation is one of the most powerful tools we can use to make our dreams reality.
A Vision Board is a fun, creative and mindful way to bring clarity to your intentions and goals for the future!

When I look back at this Vision Board that I made a few years ago, it is just amazing how many of my goals have become a reality! 
Why not come along and try it for yourself?

Soul Plan Workshops

A group workshop giving you an introduction into what Soul Plan is and an overview of the energies in your birth chart.

Minimum 4 people. Prices on request.


Essential Oils Workshops


At an introductory class you will discover how to use essential oils and learn how to replace medicines, household cleaning products and personal care products with a safe and natural alternative.

You will sample a range of single oils and blends and understand their benefits to well-being.