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Energy Healing

For the Energy Healing week of your course, we will select up to 3 healing therapies from the following - Reiki, EFT, Soul Transformation Therapy, Chakra Balancing & Earthing. 

Reiki treatment


Reiki is a popular choice for Energy Healing week. It can complement 1 or 2 other therapies or can be combined with Chakra Balancing for a longer treatment. Reiki sessions can also be booked independent of the course as single sessions or a block of sessions.


Reiki is a Japanese self-healing system, which can also be used to treat others. It was developed by Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 20th century.

The Japanese word ‘Reiki’ means ‘universal energy’. Eastern medicine systems work with this energy, known as ‘Ki’ in Japan, ‘Chi’ in China and ‘Prana’ in India. They believe this energy flows through all living things and is vital to well being. Reiki isn’t part of any religion or belief system.

A Reiki practitioner aims to balance the energy fields in and around your body to provide benefits on a physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual level. It is also a very effective way to relieve stress.

Clients' experiences of a Reiki treatment vary. A few may see colours or images, or be aware of energy realigning itself within the body. Most clients will feel heat (or sometimes cold) from the practitioner's hands and some may feel nothing at all.

Even if you feel no physical symptoms however, you can be sure that you will feel more calm, less stressed and very relaxed!


I am delighted to have recently been trained, by Reiki Master Julie Calverley, in Holy Fire Reiki, enabling me to use this powerful energy during your Reiki treatment.

Palliative Care

There are many accounts of Reiki and other complementary therapies having a positive affect on those in palliative care.

Cancer Research UK, for example, report that, while Reiki is not advocated as a treatment for cancer itself, some people with cancer feel more relaxed after a Reiki treatment and better able to cope with the cancer. It may help control some of the side effects of cancer treatments, such as pain, anxiety and sickness.

This video by the Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust explains how Reiki healers work alongside doctors and nurses in a growing number of NHS hospitals and hospices.


Bridal Packages

The run up to a wedding or other ceremony can be stressful!

I offer reduced price Reiki treatments for brides, grooms and bridal parties that I am working with.

Please message me for more details.

Benefits of Reiki


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is sometimes known as Tapping. It is a very easy yet very effective system that can produce quick results.

The client taps gently on specific acupressure points found in the body's energy meridians, while concentrating on the negative emotion/unresolved problem/physical symptom. Through acceptance of the issue and a re-balance of the energy systems, resolution is found, sometimes within minutes!



Earthing (or Grounding) is simply reconnecting physically with the earth. Walking barefoot outside enables the negative potential of the earth to assist in balancing the body's bioelectrical system.

Earthing has been shown to have many health benefits, including reduced pain and better sleep.


Chakra Balancing


Chakras are the energy centres in our body and there are seven main ones, from the root chakra at the bottom of your spine, to the crown chakra at the top of your head. These chakras regulate all parts of our body's physical and emotional systems.

When we are balanced, our chakra system is balanced, but when we are suffering from physical or emotional trauma, our energy can become blocked. As the chakras work as a system, a blockage in one area can create problems in another.

It is important to clear and balance our chakra system on a regular basis. This can be done through a guided meditation, EFT, yoga, sound healing or through Reiki healing.

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