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So what exactly is Soul Plan?

Have you ever wondered what your life purpose is?

Do you feel that life is taking you in the wrong direction?

What if you came with a particular journey in mind this lifetime and all you have to do is re-discover your soul’s plan?

Most people aren’t sure exactly what they want from life. Often our expectations are those that have been suggested or passed down by family and friends; maybe we just drift into a career path without really thinking about it, or we take the first opportunity that presents itself as a way of simply paying the bills and ‘getting by’.

Soul Plan is a practical and easy to understand system that allows you to connect more deeply with your true self and gain clarity and direction. As you come to understand yourself at a deeper level, you will have a greater understanding of your life experiences up to this point; then, as you begin to re-align with your soul purpose, you will find that things start to ‘fall into place’ and you can move towards realising your full potential.

So how does Soul Plan work and where does it come from?

Many creation stories, and now modern science, explain our world as composed of vibration and light. Many of the world’s ancient cultures have ‘ex nihilo’ creation theories which suggest a unified being bringing the universe into existence through spoken word or sound. The ancient mystical text, the Sefer Yetzirah, believed by many to be the oldest Qabalistic text, describes the letter sounds (and their corresponding vibrations) that make up material existence and form the sacred Hebrew alphabet. Parallels are also found in Hinduism, which promotes an apparent reality made up of combinations of Sanskrit syllables.

The Soul Plan system has its roots in the ancient Hebrew Gematria. The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet each correspond to a numerical value with its own energy vibration, each representing different meanings, polarities and qualities that make up our everyday world. As we are all part of the whole, and unified, we are each made up of aspects of all 22 energies. However, the ‘separate’ physical identity that we grow into after we are born, ensures that each of us experience our own unique journey, with our birth name providing our own individual dominant energy vibrations. It is these energies that make up our Soul Plan.

In the second half of last century, Dr Frank Alper (1930-2007) introduced the Star Gematria methodology (‘Numerology of Moses’) that forms the basis for the Soul Plan interpretations. He additionally assigned the symbols to the energies and provided basic interpretations of each. In recent years, Blue Marsden, founder of Holistic Healing College in London, has extended Dr Alper’s original system, channelled additional information and added more contemporary interpretations to what we now call ‘Soul Plan’.

Your Soul Plan is charted by the practitioner using a ‘Star of Creation’, which is seen as the energetic vehicle overlaying your energy field and is made up of two interlocking triangles, one pointing up and one pointing down (similar to the Star of David or the Shiva Shakti symbol at the centre of the heart chakra). This configuration appears in many belief systems and represents the duality of our existence, the downward facing triangle representing the female divine principle (worldly/physical expression) and the upward facing triangle the masculine (spiritual expression). The combination of the two triangles forms six outer triangles, which each represent a major aspect of life. In the centre is the essential core energy or quintessence (Soul Destiny). Each of the 22 energies holds a positive and negative aspect. We would expect that, when in a challenge position, we might display more of the negative traits until we have worked through the challenge. However, we can embody positive or negative aspects of the energies in any position.

The Worldly aspect of our chart usually refers to the first phase of life, relating to our relationship with the world, family, society, career etc. Our Worldly Challenges are those areas of life that we find more difficult and could include fears, weaknesses, limiting beliefs, blockages. We can use our Worldly Talents to help us overcome our challenges and move through them to embody the positive aspects of the energy, allowing them to become opportunities for growth. Our Worldly Goals are our aspirations, what we want to achieve or accomplish in life.

Our Spiritual aspect usually becomes more relevant a little later in life, usually around our 30s (although of course we are all different), when we become more aware of our inner selves and the fact that we are more than just a body. Sometimes this is preceded by having worked through our worldly challenges or a crisis situation. In a similar way to the Worldly domain, the Spiritual investigates Challenges, Talents (spiritual abilities) and our spiritual mission (Goals).

Our Soul Destiny represents our overall life purpose and becomes more prominent as we work through the rest of our chart, overcoming our challenges and activating our talents and goals. When we become aligned with our Soul Destiny and achieve a balance between the Worldly and Spiritual aspects, we become greater aligned with the Universe and our actual unity, becoming fully ‘ourselves’.

Your birth name is your dominant vibration and major influence throughout your life. However, the name you use now contains additional energies which overlay your birth chart and can also impact significantly on you. Similarly, your partner’s energies, or those of your business name, will also relate to your own in important ways.

Included with a full Soul Plan reading with a qualified practitioner is a clearing of any current underlying trauma patterns or limiting beliefs and suggestions for further therapies or interventions to help overcome challenges that still need to be worked through or talents that haven’t yet been activated.

In the words of the clients…

Client A wanted help with the direction his life was going in and received a Soul Plan reading via Skype as he lives abroad. In an extended session, he also received healing through two Soul Transformation interventions. He found the reading “…very accurate and interesting. Along with a couple of transformation interventions, the experience really helped my self awareness and was excellent. I can highly recommend…”.

Client B won a Soul Plan reading in an Open Day raffle and was pleasantly surprised! “When you feel that something needs to change in your life but don't know where to start....I had this opportunity to receive my soul plan reading….and I wasn't disappointed. Claire is very professional and tactful. Her explanation of my Challenges and Goals was very insightful and shockingly accurate in some crucial areas. I could feel that Claire was fully dedicated to identifying the key elements of my life and to helping me to understand how to deal with them. The one hour session passed almost too quickly. It left me with tons of positive energy, confidence and a head full of ideas. I can fully recommend…… to anyone who's at a crossroads or in a need of support or simply someone who can help to untangle complicated life paths.”

Client C was at a bit of a crossroads and wasn’t sure where to take her life next. Following her Soul Plan reading she has had the confidence to leave the job she was in and start up her own business! Since then she has also had help with Business Name optimisation to help her to choose the name with the best energies for her new business: “My Soul Plan reading…..was amazing. Very detailed, very accurate and has helped me to make many decisions in how to change my life for the positive. She has helped me on my way when I was feeling a little stuck on my way forward. Claire has been a great help along the way and has also helped by doing a reading on my chosen business names for my new business, matching it up against the energies from my soul plan reading. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

Client D has an interest in spirituality and was excited to find out more about her soul journey: “I was quite excited to see what a 'Soul Plan Reading' consisted of and I was not left disappointed.... I can honestly say I was utterly amazed at how accurate the reading was, there is no way Claire could have known all of the information about me, her knowledge of these readings is extensive and her patient and warm calming manner helped me digest all of the information, it was all positively lifting to hear, it gave me a good indication for my positive steps forward. I can highly recommend a Soul Plan Reading to others, just go and see, you will be amazed!!!”

Client E is a Reiki Master and was interested in receiving clarification about past events in her life: “I recently had a Soul Plan reading….and I was blown away by the accuracy of the reading. The information was spot on about the challenges I had experienced in my life and the strengths that I have that meant that those difficulties were moments of growth rather than being insurmountable. I feel blessed to have had these insights and felt very connected to my Soul Purpose! It has clarified things for me and I feel excited by what lies ahead of me!”

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