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Soul Transformation Therapy

Soul Transformation cards

©Kris Carr from "Crazy Sexy Love Notes"

©Kris Carr from "Crazy Sexy Love Notes"

Clearing. The second week of your Realign with your Life Purpose course will be Soul Transformation Therapy. 

Soul Transformation Therapy supports you to work through your Challenges and access your Talents, the specific healing interventions enabling clearing and healing at a subconscious level.

What is Soul Transformation Therapy?

Many of us are not accessing our talents and reaching our full potential, but a lot of the time the reason why lies on unconscious heart and soul levels which means, as much as we get inspired and motivated to make improvements, we often fall short, getting stuck in old patterns of behaviour. 

Soul Transformation Therapy is new therapy that uncovers these core blockages using a structured, card based system. Healing modalities (usually 2 or 3) are then used to address these issues and bring solutions at spiritual, mental, emotional, physical or ancestral levels. Modalities include, for example, Soul Retrieval, Cord Balancing, Soul Plan Trauma Release.  Integration into the present personality is an important part of the therapy, allowing the healing to take hold and fit with the current life.

Often, the effects of these healing interventions can be instantaneous and truly transformative! 

STT can be delivered face-to-face or online.

STT can be accessed as a one-off therapy for those not taking the 4 week course at a price of £50 or with Soul Plan at £120.

Payment plans or exchange of services are available.

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