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How does Soul Plan help my work as a Celebrant?

A Soul Plan reading is like a blueprint of a person's life - it helps to make sense of the challenges we've been through (which are actually learning opportunities to enable growth) and to rediscover talents, which in turn help us to reach our goals and ultimately attain our Soul Destiny (our 'reason' for choosing to live this life on earth).

When planning a funeral for a loved one, as well as an extensive conversation with the family, connecting with that person's Soul Plan offers me a greater insight into their personality and their values, making for a more personalised ceremony.

Couples can choose to add a Soul Plan Relationship Reading to their wedding/ civil partnership or vow renewal ceremony. The reading looks at the relationship between the energies in the Soul Plans of both people, which not only helps the couple gain a deeper understanding of each other, it also adds a completely unique element to the ceremony! I also have a colleague who offers bespoke hand painted mandalas to accompany the Relationship reading (see photo).

During a naming ceremony we always talk about the meaning of the chosen name. A Soul Plan reading for the baby/ child (or adult) again adds that extra insight into the direction their journey might take. (The Soul Plan and Soul Plan mandala are optional extras in a naming ceremony.)

For more information about what to expect from a Soul Plan reading, or to book a reading, please visit the Soul Plan page of my website, or contact me through the Contact page.

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