Realign with your Life Purpose

Have you ever wondered what your life purpose is?

Do you feel that life is taking you in the wrong direction?

Do you feel like you have gifts or talents that you are not using?

Realign with your Life Purpose is a 1:1 4 week course enabling you to reconnect with your true self, gain clarity and find direction through a deeper understanding of yourself.

The course can be accessed online or face-to-face.

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Week 1 - Self Discovery (Soul Plan Reading, 90-120 mins)* 


Week 2 - Clearing (Soul Transformation Therapy, 90-120 mins)*


Week 3 - Healing (specific healing therapies tailored to client, 90 mins)


Week 4 - Integration (Qigong, 90 mins) 


*for clients who have already had a Soul Plan reading or Soul Transformation Therapy, sessions 1&2 can be adapted to include, for example Advanced Soul Plan readings.


Your life-changing investment for the Realign with your Life Purpose course is just £270*

This includes 4 x 1:1 sessions (6 - 8 hours in total) plus 3 - 4 hours Soul Plan preparation

*This is the minimum investment. For those on higher incomes you may wish to make an investment more in line with your salary in order to reflect the importance to you of making this transformation.


Current restrictions prevent me from seeing clients face-to-face at this time, but the full course can be accessed online (& be just as beneficial & life-changing!). 

Reiki treatment

Soul Plan 

Soul Transformation


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