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doTERRA Essential Oils

dōTERRA ensure that their oils are taken from plants grown in their indigenous habit; this means the plant is stronger, therefore the immune system is stronger and the oil is more potent. As far as possible they source plants from developing countries, where they put in the infrastructure to support the farmers and draw up a long-term contract with them, thereby supporting the local communities.


dōTERRA have worked hard to create medicinal grade essential oils. There are no official organisations that govern the quality and purity of essential oils. To overcome this, dōTERRA have come up with their own standardisation called CPTG which shows that their oils are medicinal grade.  They achieve this by sourcing every single oil from its natural habitat and then they carry out thorough tests on every single batch of the essential oil to make sure that absolutely nothing else is in the essential oil and to guarantee that each drop is 100% pure. They have 5 tests that they do 3 times and then the oils are independently tested.

Medicinal use

Many medications, including antibiotics, cannot enter our cells and those that can have a very hard time trying to get in.  Essential oils are easily able to pass through into the cells due to the size of their molecules and their ability to bind to fats. We all know that antibiotics can’t kill viruses, however essential oils can! So essential oils are not also fantastic at supporting our bodies to kill bacteria, but also viruses. Also, as yet there is no known bacterial resistance to EOs, unlike antibiotics, where resistance is become a massive problem and means many antibiotics no longer work in certain bacterial infections.

How to use Essential Oils

There are three ways you can take dōTERRA’s essential oils:

1. Aromatically. This is the fastest way to get the oils into your body. When we smell an essential oil it goes straight along the Olfactory nerve to the brain, affecting our mood and our emotions, and also travels deep into our lungs.

Just put a drop of oil in your hands and inhale or put 3-5 drops into a diffuser.

2. Topically. Rub on the affected area and the oil enters the bloodstream within 30 seconds, giving localised, immediate relief.

The feet are a very good place to put the oils for a systemic effect, as the oil is absorbed quickly into your body and within 20 mins has entered every cell.

3. Internally. The third way you can take the essential oils is internally. Not only are most dōTERRA oils SAFE to take internally but they can be very effective. You can add a drop of oil to water and can use them in cooking too!


Always dilute with a carrier oil when using essential oils on babies and children - 1 drop to a tablespoon of carrier oil for babies, 1 drop to a teaspoon of carrier oil for children.

doTerra essential oils
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